Disclaimer: okay, not so much of a disclaimer as I have nothing to disclaim. I am in no way affiliated with this organisation, I just truly believe in it.

This is the first time I’ve ever written a post focusing on a specific company, organisation or anything in particular on this blog and this isn’t something I envisage myself doing very often, if for no other reason than simply that I’m not good at writing reviews, but I had to post about this campaign.

#Pages4Progress is an online campaign run by nonprofit organisation World Education Inc. that encourages people to read  and raise awareness about the lack of access to education that so many children face in today’s world. According to the campaign’s own website, 775 million adults worldwide cannot read, with two thirds of that figure being women, 123 million children aged between fifteen and twenty four lack basic reading and writing skills and 58 million children globally are out of school. However, by supporting this campaign, you and your reading can make a difference to the lives of people both in less economically developed countries and in the Western world.

The idea is to log all the pages you read throughout the Summer, in order to help the organisation reach its goal of three million pages by International Literacy Day on the 8th September. Each page you log is matched with a monetary donation by sponsers and partners of the organisation, with the current gift fund being one dollar per page, but this is ONLY for the first 25,000 pages logged. After that number has been reached, a monetary donation with not be added to your pages but if you choose to, you can donate money to the organisation yourself through World Education Inc.’s main website or you can fundraise for the organisation using the resources available on the campaign’s website. However, and I really want to emphasise this point, it is completely free to join in on the campaign and simply requires a few clicks of your mouse.

I found #Pages4Progress last year, although by the time I came across the campaign, it was reaching its end and so I wasn’t able to log as many pages as I would have liked to. This year they’re once again running their campaign and, having realised that it doesn’t end until September, I decided to write this post to share it with all of you! On a personal note, I’m aiming to log around a thousand pages by the end of the Summer, to make up for the measly one hundred I managed to log last year.

Also, despite my very small contribution towards the end of the Summer, couple of weeks after their campaign ended last year, the organisation sent me some thank you gifts which I still have, such as stickers to name tag your books and bookmarks, along with a letter listing the grand total number of pages logged and final sum of money raised. I thought this was a lovely touch as it really showed me how much the organisation valued the support of their contributers, even those who didn’t or couldn’t financially contribute, like myself. As soon as I get home, I’ll update this post with a photo of them!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope it has encouraged you to check out the campaign and maybe even get involved in any way you choose! The links to the campaign’s site and the organisation itself are below:


World Education, Inc.

– Rhiannon x


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